If you previously held a Zoom account registered to your @mymtu.ie email address, you will need to switch to the MTU account in order to attend online classes and make use of MTU's free Zoom Pro licenses for students. You will be prompted in two ways

1. You will receive an email prompting you to update your account information
2. When you launch the Zoom client, you will be prompted to update your account information

Note that you can switch your old account to another email address if you do not wish to transfer info from the @mymtu.ie one. Either way, each student will be provisioned a free Zoom Pro license with their @mymtu.ie address.

What happens when I switch my account to MTU?
  • All your scheduled meetings will be transferred to the new account.
  • Recordings are transferred as well
  • Users with paid accounts will be prompted to refund their outstanding balance before consolidating.
  • Users without paid accounts will simply receive confirmation that they have joined the parent account.